Sharing Georgette’s (that’s my mom) blog post on cool placemats from this wonderfully wild print fabric. I believe it is oilcloth perfect for clean up. Check it out….

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I fell in love….. with some wild fabric I found at Cozy Creative Center and just had to buy some. I really did not need to start another project, but I could not resist it. I really, really love this fabric. At Cozy they had stretched a piece around a painter’s canvas and it looked stunning on the wall. What a great, quick and easy decorating idea, except that I really did not have any free wall space. So I made placemats instead.

One finished:placemat 1Seven more to go:

placemat 2

And then I’ll have 8 reversible placemats, all slightly different.

A Bernina binding foot would have really helped, but I was so impatient at starting them that I did not think it through, so all the binding will have to be sewn by hand to the back. Another example of “what was I thinking!”.

Do you have impulsive ideas like that?  I…

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