Back from BU 2015

It’s tough owning your own business. The long, hard travel. Staying in low rent hotels. A view of nothing. With little way to relax. But sometimes you take it for the team, as we just did at BERNINA University.


The Westin Keirland Resort in Scottsdale


The view from our room


the lazy river… ahhhhhhh

BERNINA University is an annual conference of BERNINA dealers from across the country. This year it was close to our back yard in Phoenix, Arizona. As it was just 5.5 hours by car, we drove (got to visit my brother in AZ too) and enjoyed the peacefulness of a desert road trip there and back.

Even though it was tough work, Rick and I still managed to have a great time and we even learned a thing or two.

When we weren’t at risk of being arrested!


At BU, we visited with friends, ate (and maybe drank) more than we should have, and got the chance to reenergize our batteries. You’ll see us roll out a few new things as a result of our trip over the next few months. But today, I want to share some pictures of some of the BU sights…..

First up!  The New B 570 (Whoo hoo!!). This is a 5 Series Quilter’s Edition with a touchscreen interface. YES! Complete with BERNINA Stitch Regulator and patchwork foot, it is the perfect mid-line quilter’s machine and will replace the B 550. Shipping this fall! Heart. Heart. Love.

InstagramCapture_0edff7e9-9880-4ea5-81f7-39bc090c2417 WP_20150710_003

And for pet lovers (like me) comes a wonderful special edition 350 coming early next year. BERNINA has partnered with the Petfinder Foundation and The Quilt Pattern Magazine (TQPM) Kennel Quilts initiative to support our animal friends in need by doing what we love. More details to come. Sit. Stay.


I was a little star stuck some moments…. for example, when I met designer of patterns, embroidery packs, and fabric, Cherry Guidry of Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio.


And then to find out she knew ME because we were one of the first to carry her stunning Feathered Christmas Tree pattern. Remember this one?
_101 Feathered Christmas

It was a bit of a mutual admiration society. My favorite kind of organization.

We currently have her fabric and embroidery collection Frosty Forest. (We LOVE this fun, bright airy holiday line!!)

On the embroidery side of things, check out these SNOW cute free standing lace winter friends. Plus a new Red Barn, a toy store for your free-standing lace village (not pictured here… drats) and terrific new pumpkins.

And, again this year, we have the OESD Christmas embroidery designs… these can be yours FREE with purchase of things like the above embroidery packs. This will happen in September, October and November.

The BERNINA Stitch Regulator is turning 10 years old this year. That’s big deal! To help celebrate, BERNINA had a gallery of things created with the BSR… not all of them were quilts. Does this get your creative juices flowing? But let me call your attention to the one that IS a quilt… By George, I think that is OUR pattern!!! 🙂

Now for some other things I found interesting … Regarding the road sign…. create your own caption!

As I am sure you can imagine, there was lots and lots more. But I hope this gives you a little taste of the fun. And a reason to be excited to be part of the BERNINA family!

3 thoughts on “Back from BU 2015

  1. I can tell by your pictures that it was truly a struggle for you guys to be there. Next time I’d be more than happy to take one for the team and go instead! 😉

  2. Oh I cannot wait until I can buy OESD in Sept…Oct…Nov.. I am in love with the Christmas and holiday designs

  3. It’s a “fer” piece from East TN to CA, dog – gone -it!!!!! You all have the most fun! I do have plenty of your quilt patterns though, and pretend I’m sittin’ right there with y’all.

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