Feed Your Sweet Tooth

I just love pre-cuts. And am thrilled to share some of the pictures from my latest book, Sweet Tooth, with you.  I think the patterns are wonderful… and a great way to use those fantastic collections of strips, squares, fat quarters that are so easy to buy!  Some of the quilts even use a combination of pre-cuts. My favorite, for example is Slice n Serve. It use 2 1/2″ strips, 5″ squares and 10″ squares. Nothing else! How fun is that!?


These first quilts use my latest line of fabric with Timeless Treasures called Tonga Cabana. The others use various other pre-cuts… many still available on the market!



4 thoughts on “Feed Your Sweet Tooth

  1. Looking forward to the blog….glad u put up the pic of Cozy Quilts store to remind me, again, of what a great place it is..cant u please move to long island new york…there arent ANY quilt places close by!,!

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